Look professional in Zoom: How do I position myself correctly in the picture?

Professionell in Zoom aussehen: Wie positioniere ich mich richtig im Bild?

Video conferences are an integral part of everyday working life: In the home office, not only is the customer relationship established remotely, but also maintained.

Unfortunately, most images in a video conference reflect little professionalism.

In the own picture, the head is half cut off, only the face is recognizable or the background takes up more space in the picture than the person himself.
Incorrect positioning in the picture can quickly make you look unflattering and unprofessional in front of the webcam.

Especially in a professional context, the first impression can be decisive.

In this article I will show you the basics of how to position yourself correctly in the picture.

Table of contents

  • Look professional in zoom: Correct positioning in the picture
  • Look professional in Zoom #1: Make room for body language
  • Look professional in Zoom #2: Avoid the double chin effect
  • Look professional in Zoom #3: One palm's distance from the top of the screen
  • Look professional in Zoom #4: Chin or nose is the focus of your picture
  • Looking Professional in Zoom: Summary
  • Look professional in Zoom: How do I position myself correctly in the picture?

    Click the play button to play the YouTube video.

    Look professional in Zoom #1:
    Make room for body language


    Look professional in Zoom #2:
    Ciao double chin effect good-looking-in-zoom-correct-positioning-in-videoconference-6


    Look professional in Zoom #3:
    Keep about a palm apart
    to the top of the screen


    Look professional in Zoom #4: Chin or nose is in the center of your picture

    Here is an example where this rule does not apply. The picture looks inharmonious and not very professional. Also, the distance between the top of the screen and me is way too big.


    In the following picture my nose is in the middle of a picture:

    In this image, I took a step back to make even more room for body language. My chin is now in the middle of my picture. This positioning is particularly suitable if you are presenting or moderating and want to work more with gestures.

    Looking Professional in Zoom: Summary

    This checklist will help you get the picture right
    to position in your video conference.

    Correct positioning in the image for video conferencing checklist

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