GDPR compliant OpenAI GPT Chatbot with Azure

Microsoft Azure OpenAI GPT 3.5 Chatbot

Microsoft makes it possible: Microsoft recently integrated OpenAI into the Azure Cloud:

OpenAI Service on Azure
This allows companies to securely host their own ChatGPT instance in their own environment.
The service is currently not available to customers; manual activation by Microsoft is required before the service can be used. Access can be requested using the following form:
In addition to the information about the company and the planned use cases, an Azure subscription ID must also be specified. If you do not yet have an Azure subscription, please contact . We're happy to help you set it up.
The activation happened to our customers and to us on the same day, even if Microsoft specifies 10 days as a time window.
You will be notified of the activation by e-mail. After that you can create an Azure OpenAI instance and create your own AI model:
Azure OpenAI Studio AI models
The GPT3.5 model is probably the model you are currently most familiar with. You can also register on a waiting list for GPT4 using another form.
In addition to selecting the AI ​​model, you also have the option of training your AI. You basically have two options for this:
  1. Text Entry of Question/Answer Pairs
  2. Upload your own files, eg subject-specific PDFs

After configuring your chatbot, you can deploy it directly using a supplied web app:

OpenAI Chatbot Demo Office

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