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Business Central-lidmaatschap

Business Central-lidmaatschap

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  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited users
  • Can be canceled weekly

Business Central Standard Introduction as a subscription

On average, the introduction of a new ERP system takes 10-18 months - or even longer. The costs for Business Central consulting and implementation are at least 20% higher than originally planned.

With the Business Central Membership, you can use an unlimited range of Business Central services without exceeding your fixed monthly budget.

We have specialized in the Business Central standard to facilitate fast and standardized implementation.

According to the Pareto principle, 80% of the business processes can already be mapped with 20% of the standard functionalities. For this reason, we do not carry out any programming, as experience has shown that it was unnecessary, led to recurring high costs and the more cost-effective solution was already included in the standard.

By opting for the Business Central Standard and signing up for a membership, you also benefit from minimized project risks - and all that for monthly fixed price .

You have the option to pause or cancel your membership at any time and make yourself largely independent of system houses .

Make unlimited inquiries about Business Central

With the Business Central Membership you can place unlimited requests according to our service portfolio. From process automations such as the automated sending of order confirmations to setting up approval workflows for purchase orders - we will take care of your requests at lightning speed.

Our service portfolio

  • System Setup and Management
  • standard modules
  • Master Data Migration
  • Process descriptions in BC
  • process automation
  • Workflows (e.g. to approve orders according to release limits, check and release for invoice etc.)
  • Configuration templates for customers, vendors, items
  • Creation of document layout (e.g. sales offer, order confirmation, purchase order)
  • User setup and management
  • Implementation of roles and permissions
  • Customization of the user interface
  • Connection to SharePoint for document archiving
  • Shopify interface integration
  • Installation and setup of Document Capture for automated invoice recognition

For whom is the service particularly suitable?

  • You are the managing director of a traditional industry such as real estate, management consulting, tax consulting, mechanical and plant engineering, logistics and transport or you have a trades background.
  • You want to change and finally establish processes.
  • You don't need to hold hands or consultant phrases, but prefer long-term support with services at a fair price. You are completely fine with our asynchronous way of working.

Which services are not included?

  • Modules: production, controlling
  • individual programming
  • Training (can be booked separately here )
  • Business Central Licensing

We reinvented IT consulting, really

Officery replaces unreliable freelancers and expensive system houses with a flat monthly fee and is so fast it will blow your mind.

in one place

Add as many requests as you want to your Trello board.

Lightning fast

We deliver the service so quickly that you will be amazed.

Fixed rate

No surprises, you pay the same price per month.

1A quality

Services provided by real professionals - 1A quality awaits you.


Increase or decrease the scope as needed and pause or cancel at any time.


Please what? Asynchronicity is lingo and means that we will get by without meetings at all.

This is what makes Officer Membership so unique

Leistung Agentur Unternehmensberatung Officery Memberships
Volle Kostenkontrolle
Wöchentlich Abrechnung mit fester Pauschale
Sie erhalten hohe Qualität zu einem fairen Preis
IT Kompetenz
Microsoft Partner mit Know-How in Cloud-Technologien und ERP Systemen
Schnelle Leistungserbringung
Vom ersten Kontakt bis hin zu den ersten Ergebnissen brauchen Sie keine Wochen oder sogar Monate warten
Keine unnötigen Meetings
Wenig Zeitinvest von Ihnen erforderlich
Subscription-Modell, keine Vorabinvestitionen, keine Verpflichtungen
Zieldefinition, Projektplanung, Anforderungsanalyse, Lösungsentwicklung
Realisierung des Konzepts, Implementierung von Technologien, Digitalisierung Ihrer Prozesse
Communicatie is de sleutel

Our rules of the game

Absolutely asynchronous

Don't like meetings? We neither! So the only meeting we will have is the intro call. We are 100% focused on your output and have canceled meetings.

Managed via Trello

Manage your requests with ease on the Trello board and keep track of upcoming, current and resolved requests.

Invite your whole team

Are you unable to send us any inquiries? We'll make you a Trello admin so you can invite more team members.

your next steps

Book an intro call with us to find out if you're a good fit.

Subscribe to a membership and make as many requests as you like.

We will process your request as quickly as possible between Monday and Friday.

Veelgestelde vragen

your benefits

Good question! Recruiting an IT professional is a difficult and extremely time-consuming process. The annual costs for a full-time senior-level IT specialist now exceed €90,000 plus benefits. That being said, you might not always have enough work to keep them occupied all the time.

With our monthly plan, you can pause and reactivate your membership as often as needed to ensure you only pay your Officery IT consultant and developer when you have work for them.

From the first contact to the offer process and the actual first results, it is not uncommon for weeks, if not months, to go by when working with system houses.
With our memberships you save yourself long communication channels and you will receive tangible results within just a few working days.

Freelancers often move from project to project and when working with freelancers there is a risk that they may not always be available or they may be unavailable unexpectedly.
It doesn't matter whether you need a long-term IT partner or just a short-term cooperation - with us you can enjoy both advantages.

Our services for you

With a completed membership, our IT experts will implement your requests. You can send us unlimited requests and you will receive visible results in the shortest possible time.
In addition, you enjoy the fullest flexibility, because you can pause or cancel your membership at any time - in this way you protect your monthly, fixed budget.

As soon as you have activated your membership, you can add as many requests as you like to your queue that match our service portfolio. Your requests will be processed by us one by one and delivered at lightning speed.

In order to be able to guarantee high quality, we do not process any requests in parallel, but deliver each request one after the other. Enter your request on your Trello board and we will process it as quickly as possible.
Only when you are satisfied with the result and you have accepted the work do we concentrate on your next request. You can change your active request at any time by moving your requests on the Trello board.


The membership is designed in such a way that collaboration works perfectly without any meetings. If you do need an online meeting, you can book meetings via your Trello board at our hourly rate of €125 net.

You can pay by SEPA direct debit, credit card or PayPal. All you have to do is add the membership to your shopping cart and select your preferred payment method at checkout.

That's fine. You can pause your membership at any time and reactivate it as soon as you have more requests for us. In this way you remain flexible and only pay for our services when you need them.

Due to the high quality of our work and the unlimited review loops you can take advantage of, no refunds will be given.

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