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LED Ringlicht für Videokonferenz | Beleuchtung Videokonferenz

In every video call, you're just a click away from embarrassing yourself completely. Whether in a job interview, in front of colleagues or, in the worst case, in front of your boss:
Every time you turn on your webcam , you make an impression .

All video conference participants see your team picture and subconsciously form a judgment that is subconsciously anchored in their heads.

It's very unflattering and unprofessional to be a shadowy figure all the time. With this mysterious and gloomy charisma, you appear neither present nor sympathetic.

It's good that the solution to the problem is very simple: A ring light for Zoom video conferences !

In this post, we will show you how you can put yourself in the limelight and simply look good in every video call.

Table of contents

  1. Bad light in the video conference: the causes
  2. What lighting is ideal for online meetings?
  3. What is a ring light?
  4. How many inches should a ring light be?
  5. The ring light in the test
  6. Look good with the ring light: Here's how
  7. 5 simple tips for the right lighting in teams
  8. Conclusion

Bad light in the video conference: the causes

The most common cause of poor lighting in Zoom, Teams, Webex and Co. is that your face is not evenly illuminated.
If the lighting is too weak or uneven , you will appear unnatural and unprofessional to others.

Especially if you work in an office without windows and the light shines on you from a ceiling lamp above, your picture in the Zoom Meeting will look too dark.

Even with a window, the video conference light cannot be optimal: If you are only illuminated by daylight from one side, the other half of your face will appear very shadowy and gloomy.

Avoid overexposure . Too much light makes you look ghostly and pale in your teams meeting.

Video conferencing lighting tips

Which lighting is ideal for online meetings?

You don't need a film studio setup or expensive profile lighting for video calls.
A good ring light , which is used as lighting on the desk, is completely sufficient for video conferences.
A ring light can be operated quickly and easily - perfect for going from one Webex meeting to the next without having to do a lot of technical work.

What is a ring light?

A ring light is lighting in which hundreds of LED lamps are arranged in a ring. The ring-shaped arrangement illuminates the face more evenly so that no unsightly shadows can be seen. A ring light has different brightness levels and different color temperatures, so you can easily and quickly adapt your light to your environment. The ring light is on a tripod, which is usually height-adjustable.

Did you know that the ring light is mainly used by beauticians, makeup artists and influencers? The ring-shaped arrangement of the LED lamps conceals blemishes on the face and not only makes the skin look smoother , but more radiant ! But the ring light is not only very popular in the beauty industry: the ring light is also used by celebrities and influencers to shoot TikTok videos.

Benefits of a ring light in Zoom, Teams, Webex

Photographers use the ring light to take professional product photos and portrait photos.
The ring light is also the ultimate everyday companion in the home office: the ring light is the inexpensive alternative to expensive and complicated softboxes to ensure a professional appearance in video conferences.

How many inches should a ring light be for zoom?

10 inches are sufficient for online meetings from the home office . Smaller ring lights, especially the popular mini ring lights for clipping on the laptop, are not suitable because they do not achieve any significant effect due to their very small size. If you are looking for a ring light for your Zoom conferences , you should consider a few criteria:

Ring light zoom video conference lighting

Ring light criterion #1: Number of brightness levels

So that you are optimally illuminated, your lighting should have as many brightness levels as possible. So you can quickly readjust when it gets particularly dark in your home office.

Ring light criterion #2: Different color temperatures

The different color temperatures also play an important role in ensuring that you are optimally illuminated. As a rule, a distinction is made between three color temperatures for ring lights : cool white, neutral white and warm white.

Ring light zoom video conference lighting

If the daylight makes you look too pale, you can counteract this by setting the color temperature to warm white.

Ring light criterion #3: Size of the ring light

Probably the most important criterion is the size of the ring light. The ideal size of the ring light also differs depending on the application. A 10-inch ring light is perfectly adequate for video conferences.

Ring light Criterion #4: Height-adjustable tripod

Not every ring light can be adjusted in terms of height. However, a ring light with a height-adjustable tripod is a must in order to be as flexible as possible. If you work in the home office and have a permanent desk, a maximum height of 90 cm is sufficient. You can easily place the ring light on your desk. Ring lights whose tripod can be extended particularly high are not really suitable for the home office, since the tripod base usually takes up too much space on the desk.

Ring light zoom video conference lighting

If you want to use the ring light mainly for TikToks that are not rotated from your desk, an 18 inch ring light is probably more suitable for you. So you can easily rotate TikToks while standing and you are optimally illuminated even from a greater distance.

Ring light criterion #5: Compatibility with other video conferencing equipment

With our ring light, you can attach your smartphone to the ring light thanks to the stable mobile phone holder. You can easily take photos and make videos using the Bluetooth remote control.

Ring light zoom video conference lighting

Which ring light for spectacle wearers?

Are ring lights suitable for people who wear glasses? Yes! Unfortunately, ring lights are not recommended for people who wear glasses because the light would be reflected in the glasses. This general problem basically occurs with any type of video conference lighting. The advantage of a ring light is that the ring light can be flexibly adjusted. For people who wear glasses, it is best if the ring light is set slightly higher and tilted forward to avoid reflections in the glasses.

Look good with the ring light: Here's how

To set your ring light :

  1. Place the ring light on your desk.
  2. With the help of the extendable tripod, you can adjust the ring light to your desired height.
  3. For people who wear glasses, we recommend positioning the ring light a little higher to avoid reflections in the glasses.
  4. If necessary, tilt the ring light forward by adjusting the ball joint.
  5. Connect the ring light to your laptop via USB. Thanks to the long cable with USB 2.0 connection, the ring light can be connected to all standard smartphone chargers or to a PC.
  6. Adjust the color temperature and light intensity by pressing the slider. You can start the video conference without having to download additional software or make complicated settings.

Ring light professional video conference lighting tips

After using a laptop stand and the Logitech BRIO, my zoomed image with the ring light looks like this:

Video conference ring light home office lighting

The ring light as a video conference lighting is ideal for mobile workplaces, since, unlike the Elgato Key Light, it does not have to be screwed to a desk.

You can position the ring light flexibly on your desk. The flexible ball joint allows you to tilt the ring light slightly forward so that you are not directly illuminated from the front.

With our ring light with mobile phone holder and tripod, you can also use your smartphone as a webcam for your video conferences.

Are ring lights also suitable for people who wear glasses?

Unfortunately, ring lights are not recommended for people who wear glasses because the light would be reflected in the glasses. However, this phenomenon will occur with any light source, be it a ring light or an LED panel. So this is not due to the light per se, but because the positioning of the light source has to be different for people who wear glasses: To avoid reflections, the light has to be positioned a little higher and with a ring light, the light can be tilted slightly forward using the ball joint . Then there is no reflection!

5 simple tips for the right lighting in teams

Video conference lighting ring light tips

Conclusion: Good video conference lighting in the home office does not have to cost a fortune.

Especially when it comes to equipping not only you but also your employees, our ring light is the ideal companion . Thanks to the easy handling and the flexible setting options, everyone can achieve a good picture in Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex. Our ring light is particularly suitable for mobile workplaces. Get our ring light now!

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