Only for home office fans: The best zoom office backgrounds

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An important online meeting is coming up and you have to appear convincingly from your home office in Zoom ? No problem! Even if you don't have a fancy office at home, there are simple ways to look professional in video conferencing . A professional background during a Zoom meeting can help you come across as more reputable and trustworthy and draw viewers' attention.

A simple and, above all, uniform solution: a virtual Zoom background !

In this article, we will show you which background is best for a business meeting.

Our most beautiful zoom office backgrounds for the home office

Pitching now! With associates in a conference room in front of a big screen.
Modern zoom office background with logo | Zoom Home Office Background | Officery HD Associates

For the creative people in the home office. Encourage inventiveness and creativity with the Brainstorm picture.

Modern zoom office background with logo | Zoom Home Office Background | Officery HD Brainstorm
Virtual background with side logo for extra visibility. Not only suitable for consultants !
Modern zoom office background with logo | Zoom Home Office Background | Officery HD Consultants
Plain and Grey
Zoom background professional Officery HD Gray
Industrial style office. With HQ as a background, the headquarters feeling becomes possible in the home office!
Modern zoom office background with logo | Zoom Home Office Background | Officery HD HQ
The think tank as your background for the home office. Get Think Tank !
Modern zoom office background with logo | Zoom Home Office Background | Officery HD Think Tank Is collaborative work a priority for you? Show it off with the Till We Collab background.
Modern zoom office background with logo | Zoom Home Office Background | Officery HD Till We Collab

What background in video conferencing?

While there are no formalities to be observed for private Zoom conferences with friends or family, there are a few things to consider when using it for work.

Avoid funny backgrounds

In informal online meetings, fun Zoom backgrounds are perfectly fine. However, when an important meeting with business colleagues is coming up, you want to appear serious and authentic with your background.

Choose modern office backgrounds

From serious to funny, there are many different types of Zoom backgrounds . When communicating with customers, it is important to radiate professionalism and competence.

Avoid free video conference backgrounds such as B. a beach or space background. This looks unnatural to your customers.

Our modern Zoom office backgrounds are more suitable. You can download free office backgrounds on Pexels or Shutterstock . A virtual background makes you look like you're actually in a fancy local office.

Choose a simple Zoom Home Office background

A popular Zoom background is the bookshelf, which aims to create an intelligent effect. Unfortunately, a bookshelf is not really ideal.

Your Zoom background should not be too distracting and rather simple. Avoid bright and bright colors.

An animated background is also not recommended, as your conversation partner will focus less on your presentation and more on your background.

Opt for an individualized meeting background

Every video conference is your chance to gain more visibility for your company. With a background with your company logo, you stand out especially in large virtual events, because everyone can recognize your company at first glance.

How can I change the background on Zoom?

  1. Open Zoom and click Settings . You can find the settings via the cog under your profile picture.
  2. Open the Background & Filters menu.
  3. Click the plus button to add your background.
  4. Now choose your background. 
Change zoom background
We also explained how to change your zoom background in a YouTube tutorial:

Which format for a zoom background?

According to Zoom, there are no size limits when adding a virtual background. However, it is recommended to adapt your virtual background to the aspect ratio of your camera before uploading.

With our Officery HD pictures you can start right away without having to make any adjustments beforehand.

This is how your meeting background comes into its own

Some have the problem that their virtual background is not blended properly. As soon as you move, parts of the correct background are briefly faded into the picture.

To avoid such unsightly mistakes, follow these tips:

  1. Use an external webcam . In terms of performance, laptop cameras are not always sufficient to completely display a virtual background. We recommend using an external webcam . This not only ensures high image quality, but also makes your zoom background look better.

  2. Make sure there is sufficient lighting . Poor light means that your camera cannot display colors and contrasts correctly. Use external lighting to emphasize your natural appearance.

  3. Make sure your clothes are not the same color as your virtual background.

  4. Position yourself in front of a solid color background. This can e.g. B. be a white wall.

  5. Pro Tip: Use a green screen for best results. A green screen is used in many ways in Hollywood films. The “chroma keying” optimally removes your background. You can also use this technology in your home office for your video conference!

This is what a typical image looks like in Zoom:

Zoom tips to look good

Here's what it looks like after outfitting myself with video conferencing equipment and following the 5 tips to look good on Zoom :

Look professional in Zoom

Conclusion: A modern zoom background with a company logo ensures a professional representation of the company even in the home office

Virtual backgrounds are set up quickly. With our modern office backgrounds with your company logo, you ensure that you and your employees can represent your company professionally everywhere. Plus point here: the privacy of your employees is also protected!

Get this free video conference background with no watermark today!

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